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In addition to the services mentioned previously we also provide Wood Destroying insect inspections and complete well testing for real estate transactions.  For most inspections a 1 year termite warranty will be offered with a renewal option.  Also offered from Guardian Pest Services are Termite pre-treatments for new construction.  A termite pre-treat is intended to create a barrier of termiticide between termites found in the soil and wooden structures of the building.

Thank you for stopping by our website today and visiting with us!  We look forward to working with you to solve all your pest and termite problems.

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Guardian Pest Services is a full service Termite and Pest Control company proudly servicing Central and Northern Virginia since 1999. We have built our company on a strong foundation of providing excellent customer care, solid work ethic and most of all a pride in everything we do.
Guardian Pest Services only employs registered/certified applicators and we require our field technicians to continually update their knowledge of the pest control industry through ongoing training and education.  This insures that our customers continue to receive the superior customer service they deserve. One way that we insure this level of service is by our unique approach to servicing our customers.  You see, not only do our field technicians perform the applications but they also perform the inspections.  This approach eliminates any miscommunications between the sales/service aspects of the treatment process.  This gives us the ability to often inspect then treat at the same time.  Before any treatment plan has begun we discuss and educate you on exactly what type of infestation you have, what the best approach will be to addressing the situation and finally what you can expect from the proposed treatment plan.
Guardian Pest Services offers FREE no obligation inspections.  This Free inspection covers your entire house or business and we look for a variety of  signs of infestations including; termites, ants, cockroaches, spiders, wasp, bees, fire ants, fleas, mice, rats, bats as well as other types of wood destroying insects, pests and nuisance wildlife.  Based on our findings during our inspection we will offer you a variety of treatment plans and we offer flexible scheduling options for your convenience.  Guardian Pest Services accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal processing through our website
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